Can One Do without A Teacher?

Saturday 19-Jan-2019, 4:23PM / 392

Naasir Yusuf

When a statement becomes popular on the tongue of many people it sometimes assumes the position of a sacred text in the minds of the people. Many have assiduously striven to achieve religious knowledge yets some will disparage them probably because such have not physically sat before kibaar ulamaa even though they are still their students in one way or the other. 

Firstly, is there any one without a teacher? Absolutely no, knowledge is not like an umbilical cord that comes with a new-born, it is sought, knowing this reveals the baselessness of a statement that some people have no teachers; what should raise meaningful concerns is, what's the nature of your teachers and what you were taught? 

Undoubtedly, it's plausible to have one-on-one contact with righteous scholars with sound creed, but in the absence of that, listening to audio and visual tapes of scholars suffixes, and can the person that attends Friday's sermons and gatherings of knowledge (Halaqaat) be said to have no teachers? 

Lastly, scholars of Sunnah, have ratified that what matter most is the attainment of beneficial knowledge, not the means per se, attached is the Fatwa of Sheikh Abdul 'Azeez bn Baz that acknowledged the falsity of the above statement, though written in Arabic language. Click here for the piece.