'Settle the dispute today...' Dr Sharaf Gbadebo

Thursday 24-Jan-2019, 1:31AM / 685

Translation: Abu Ubayy Sharif Hamzah 

Questioner: Is it proper for two Muslims to forsake each other? 

Dr Sharaf: No, it is not good; it is not good at all because even if we want to forsake one another, it should not be more than three days once it is between Two Muslims.

But if it is between a Muslim and a disbeliever; there is no problem if we forsake them till eternity.

It should not be more than three days if it is between two Muslims as indicated in the hadeeth of the Prophet - sallallaahu alahyi wa sallam. 

In a hadeeth, the Prophet - sallallaahu alahyi wa sallam - said: 

"Forsaking a Muslim for a year is like killing him."

What happened between both of you that will make you forsake each other for a long period? Settle the disputes before sunset.

You see, every Thursday and Monday; our deeds are taken up to Allaah and He forgives us except two Muslims who forsake each other. Allaah will say leave them, perhaps they will make amends. 

Can you see what you have missed (as a result of boycotting your fellow Muslim)? 

The Prophet - sallallaahu alahyi wa sallam - said that was the reason he would fast on Mondays and Thursdays (so as to be forgiven). That is it!

Therefore, settle the dispute today, don't postpone it till tomorrow. 

(Source: Q&A session on the tape: Islaam and Sunnah).