Masjid Tawheed Ede Launches Special Fundraising Drive

Sunday 01-Sep-2019, 11:59PM / 2037

Ede, Nigeria 

Masjid Tawheed, Oke Iresi, Ede, Osun State, has launched a special fundraising drive for the construction of the ground floor and the suspended floor of the first floor of its ongoing mosque project in Ede. 

In a release made by a newly constituted fundraising committee on the 1st day of September, 2019, for the mosque, the Masjid said it targeted a sum of N3,050,000 [Three Million and Fifty Thousand Naira Only] for what it called ‘the final stretch’.

Codenaming the drive as ‘Walking the Target, Inshaa Allaah,’ the committee said the increasing number of worshippers in its Friday prayers has called for the final push. It said the extra three canopies outside the temporary mosque cannot further contain the worshippers.

It said the fundraising activity will run between Muharram 1st and 29th, 1441 [September 1st and 29th] while the construction activity will commence on the first day of Safar [October 1st] and run through the last day of same month.

‘Inshaa Allaah that between 1st and 29th Safar 1441 (October 1st and 29th, 2019) the building of the ground floor including the ‘decking’ of the first floor shall be completed.  That’s a month for the special fundraising and another month for the construction, Inshaa Allaah,’ says the release.

In a further breakdown, the committee gave the details of the items and amount needed for the effort. ‘Granite: 75 tonnes at N145,000 per 25 tonnes = N435,000. Planks: 1x12, 650 pieces at N900 per unit = N585,000. 2x3, 250 pieces at N400 =N100,000. Sand: 15 loads at N9000 per load = N135,000. Iron rod: 5tonnes at 235,000 per ton = N1,175,000. Bamboo: 500 pieces = N120,000. Workmanship: N500,000. Grand Total: N3,050,000,’ says their release.

It further informed the public that one of the Muslim faithfuls had undertaken the supply of 600 bags of cement needed for the project. That the 600 bags of cement would cost about N1,435,000.

It said if 1000 Muslims could donate at least the sum of N1000 each that the sum of N1,000,000 could be realized, and that if another group of 200 Muslims donate another N5,000 each another N1,000,000 could be realized. It said the remaining N1,050,000 could be jointly contributed by those it called ‘our rich brothers and sisters.’

For the donations, an account detail was released: Tawheed Central Mosque, 3080156760, First Bank Plc.