Ibn Al-Jazaree Institute Launches Website

Thursday 05-Jan-2023, 11:17PM / 1872

After some years of foray into Islamic online and physical teaching, Ibn Al-Jazaree Institute today unveils an official website for the Institute. The name is ibnuljazaree.com.

In a long piece written by the custodian of the Institute, Aboo Aamir, Ishaaq bin AbdurRaheem, on the new website, he gave an historical journey of the Institute from its inception. 'We never thought it would be a project that would record a feat at this short inception', he wrote. 

The custodian then went on sending words of appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the growth of the project. 

''May Allaah reward everyone who has contributed to the successful journey so far; nice brothers and sisters, by Allaah.' 

'Abu Yaseerah, Mallam Abbaas Olatunji, is once again appreciated. Allaah has used him again to facilitate ibnuljazaree.com for us. This website is another selfless effort from him. He did it diligently such that we felt if he were to bill us, we would run bankrupt.'

'Our good friend, right from Obafemi Awolowo University days, Abu Yunus, Mallam Jaami Oloyede, is also appreciated. He has been our technical officer since we established simplysalafiyyah.com in 2013. He has been with us technically and financially. Or how would you describe a technical officer that would help you search for the best website host around the world and still pay for the domain name and the cost of hosting? Is that not a technical cum financial officer? He still does more than that.  Jazaakumullaahu khayran, Abaa Yunus.'

'As for Abu Khadeejah Al-Atharee, only Allaah can reward him. He has been a strong pillar to us. He supports us in every way. He is a teacher, an adviser and a financier. He will just throw money at us in our endeavors without batting his eyes. I used to wonder if I can be as generous as he is. I used to tell him 'Abu Khadeejah, I hope I will be able to repay half of the good things you have done for me.' I am sure our Lord would reward him best. Abu Khadeejah, do not be offended for making this public. By Allaah, I want it a bishaarah aajilah for you. We don't praise you above Allaah' the custodian wrote, the custodian wrote. 

Meanwhile the members of the Muslim public are called to benefit from the Institute several programmes.