All-Embracing Counsel to Say Farewell to This Ramadan

Sunday 11-Nov-2018, 10:01AM / 1351

The Messenger of Allah [may Allah exalt his mention and send peace on him] gave an all-embracing counsel to Mu'aadh [may Allah be pleased with him] for attainment of good. We like to bring it here so as to complete the benefit of this work.

The Messenger of Allah [may Allah exalt his mention and send peace on him] said:

“O Mu'aadh[may Allah be pleased with him], I adjure you to fear Allah, to be truthful in speech, fulfill promises, render the trust, refrain from betrayal, respect the neighbour, be merciful to the orphans, be gentle in speech, spread the greetings of Salaam, engage in good deeds, be short of worldly hopes, be steadfast in faith, pay attention to understanding the Qur'aan, love (by giving preference to the matters of) the Hereafter, be fearful of accountability (on the Day of Resurrection), and lower your wing…

I forbid you from abusing a wise person or belying a truthful one, obeying a sinner, or disobeying a just ruler, or causing corruption on the earth. I charge you that you fear Allah when you are with every stone, tree or mud. You should also repent from all sins – the one you did secretly, repent from it secretly and the one you did openly repent from it openly.”

Abu Nu’aym recorded it in Hilyah, so also Al-Bayhaqee in Az-Zuhd.

Source: '70 Secrets of Winning Love of People,' The Final Note, pp.174-175. Translation: Aboo Aamir