Indeed, All Matters Will Be Settled Before Allaah - A Retort to Mallam AbdurRazzaq Ejigbo

Thursday 11-Jan-2024, 8:43PM / 101

By Aboo Summaayyah, Murtala Wale Gbadamosi 

وعند الله تجتمع الخصوم
And before Allaah shall all disputes be gathered (and settled).

Al-hamduliLlaahi was-Salaatu was-Salaamu 'alaa RasuuliLlaah.

I recently came across a video of "The Ejigbo man" where  he was painfully   reacting to and threatening people calling him bad names and assassinating his character. He sang a song (Wa 'inda Allaahi Tajtami'ul khusuum) and he said he is the one  upon the truth and his opponents are opon falsehood.....

I don't know if the video is recently done or not but yet, I felt i should remind him little from his assassinating peoples' character , mocking, abusing,  liying,  bullying, and insulting people who are older that him in knowledge, age, wisdom and experience.

1. When you lied against Shaykh Halabi that Lajnah declared him an innovator, did you forget that we shall gather before Allaah? 

2. When you accused Shaykh Halabi of Wahdatul-Adyaan, did you forget that we shall be gathered before Allaah?

3. When Hasan Salahudden lied against Shaykh Halabi in your presence that he has never wrote to refute innovator or hadaadiyyoon, you didnt remember we shall be gathered and questioned by Allaah?

4. When you publicly  mocked the term  "Shibhul-Ijmaa' " (used by Abulbarakaat ) and said that you never heard it before and  later falsely lied and swore that you have heard it long time ago, didn't you remember that Allaah Sees, Knows the hidden and shall question us on Yawmu Tubla Ssaraa'ir?

5. When you publicly belied and  attacked Abulbarakaat because he said that the scholars are unanimous regarding the issue of Ikhwaanul-Muslimoon. When the video of where you said similar thing was shared and you later said that you've reversed the statement just because of not being shameful in this life, you didn't remember that Raqeeb and 'Ateed had recorded it and shall be settled before Allaah on Yawmul-Qiyaamah?

6. When your camp member (Tanimola) made statement of Kufr regarding Dr. Sarumi that, "Allaah created him because of lies"  and you didnt correct him and tell him to publicly repent, you think Allaah will forget ?

7. When Pupa envied , oppressed, and lied against Alfa Sarumi for many years, accused Alfa Oloje of were mute but when he showed your group of "Fa Aslihu" pepper within little period, you quickly wrote qaraar on him and warned people against him. Do you think Allaah will forget?

8. When you said Professor Alaro didnt have last memory, do you think Allaah will forget to ask you of the favor He bestowed upon Prof, which you denied?

9. When you abused Alfa Sarumi that "bodi l'ni ko ni Engine" do you think you wont be questioned? 

10. When your PA (i meant someone close to you) called Alfa Sarumi "Shaytaan" and you kept quiet on it, you have rest of mind that the score wont be re settled on the Day of Judgment ?

11. When the boy who used to carry you with his motor bike called Alfa Sarumi "Fir'awn) or said his matter is worse than that of Shaytaan or Fir'awn (can't remember vividly) ,and you remained silent on it, you think say Allaaah no go ask you about it?

11. When you sang a song to mock Ustaz Murtala Adedokun who is old enough to father you, you no remember say Allaah go ask you being rude and abusive to an elderly knowledgeable man?

12. When you falsely declared As-Sanadi an innovator and he publicly schooled you and showed the whole world your level, have you openly recanted from it and forget that Ar-Dayyaan will question you about that?

The list goes on! 

Indeed, before Allaah shall all scores be justly settled on the Day of Judgement. 

I quickly gathered the above to remind you that we have them in our memory and are available in your audios as record perhaps Allaah wil guide you to ponder over them, feel sober, remorseful and make sincere tawbah directly to the personalities you have oppressively wronged and to Allaah 'Azza wa Jall.

He is ever ready to forgive mistakes. 

Gathered by Abu Sumayyah al-Ifreekeey. Thursday 11/01/2024. 11:03am

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