'Rudood Box, Be Sensible' Aboo Naasir Counsels Pristine Methodology's Subsidiary

Friday 02-Feb-2024, 7:22AM / 529

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem 
Rudood Box Be Sensible
In this audio, Ash-Shaykh Aboo Naasir, Ibrahim Abdurrauf, hafidhahullaah, cautions and counsels yet the hasty, extreme, haughty, bigoted, teenage boys and girls (and little above teenage years) who have constituted themselves into a menace for the Sunnah Community of South West Nigeria and Kwara State. 

Those boys who call themselves 'The Pristine Methodology', but whose conduct and character speak foul of what they term themselves, have been on a rampage in the recent past making frantic efforts to remove the callers to the Sunnah in South West Nigeria from the Sunnah. The likes of Duktuur Sharaf, Dr Faadil, Shaykh Abdulghani Jumuah, Aboo Naasir, etc, have been their sinister target. 

The boys via one of their evil channels, Rudood Box, made another set of damaging remarks against the person of Aboo Naasir trying to pin a tag of deviation on him. May Allaah protect him and other teachers of Sunnah in the South West region of Nigeria from their evil. 

Aboo Naasir calls them hudathaaul asnaan sufahaahul ahlaam, 'young foolish folks just growing teeth'. 

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(Credit to an-Nushul Channel for the audio) 

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