End of the Clarifications: Important Note

Monday 19-Nov-2018, 9:15AM / 616

We thank Allaah the Mighty Lord Who has facilitated the effort from its inception till where we have got to.

We have tried our best to demolish the foundations of Da'wah Jabtawiyyah - which borrows clues from the international Hadaadiyyah - in South West Nigeria. Our aim has been to clarify the truth, and of course, to save the Muslim masses from the corruption of the Jabtawis. We recognise our limits as students of knowledge thus we ask Allaah the Ever-Forgiving Lord to pardon us wherever we have erred.

Our wish is that the Jabtawis will come back to the correct manhaj of the Salaf and stop going about making Takfeer of the Muslims upon the false ideology that every act of bid'ah is a major kufr that takes one out of the Deen, among other faslse teachings of theirs.

We also implore them to go back to the correct learning of the Deen by not limiting themselves to one personality.

We make a promise that if their teacher, Jabata, can recant from his false teachings, we shall remove all what we have written against him.

Lastly, we thank all the brothers who have stood firmly with us as we made these clarifictions, we ask Allah that He should crown all our efforts with success.

We like to say that we shall consider the request that we should turn the effort to a book. But we think we should give the Jabtawis some respite perhaps they will all turn better.

It is only Allaah that guides therefore we ask Him to guide us, them and the rest of the Ummah.

Wa sallam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa baarakatuhu.

Completed in the night of 21st Shawwal, 1434AH.

Ede, Nigeria.