Sayyid Qutub's Deviations and Its Insignias on The Muslim Brotherhood - Part One

Saturday 05-Jan-2019, 3:46AM / 1526

Being a part of a long explanation from one of the erudite scholars of Da'wah Salafiyyah, Ash-Shaykh Muhammad b. Hizaam (may Allaah preserve him), on the deviations and misguidance of Sayyid Qutub. 
Translated by Kamal Ololade (@kamalalmufti)


Our Shaykh, Abu Abdullah - may Allaah make him a source of benefit to the Ummah - said:

Today, in shaa Allaah,we shall enumerate to you some of the misguidance and deviations by Sayyid Qutub. He was one of the leaders and elders of the Muslim Brotherhood. These reports were compiled by one of our brothers may Allaah reward him with good. They will be of benefit to all, we beseech Allaah to reward the compiler, bless him and bless his time.

This man (Sayyid Qutub) has many and great heresies some of which stemmed from ignorance and farness from learning the creed of the Salaf. He plunged himself into several deviations, and this is always the situation of someone who people make a leader while he is ignorant. He will fall into misguidance, deviations, and destroy more than he will build. 

[His Jahmee Leaning] 

This man firstly, was not upon the creed of the Salaf. He used to deny the Attributes of Allaah following the way of the Ash'ariyyah in twisting the meanings of the Attributes of Allaah the Most High.

In his Tafseer which he titled "In the Shade of the Qur'an", while explaining the Word of Allaah in Surah Tā Hā:

"The Most Merciful (who is) above the Throne established" Q20 :5

He said:

'Al-istiwaa on the Throne is a metaphor for the extent of His authority and superiority.'

He, therefore, explained it the way the Mu'attilah (those who negate the Attributes of Allaah) would explain it distorting the attribute of being established above the Throne and interpolating into it sovereignty and superiority in authority.

[His Mu'tazilee Leaning] 

Also, he was on the path of the Mu'tazilah in his statement that hadith of individual narrators (that is, not reported by a large number of people) is not to be reckoned with in the matter of 'Aqeedah (creed). He mentioned this also in his book, "In the Shade of the Qur'an" in the Tafseer of Surah Yuusuf Volume 6 page 4008.

He said:

"Hadeeth of individual narrators is not to be reckoned with in 'Aqeedah."

[His 'Aqeedah of Wahdatul-Wujood of the Sufis] 

In the same vein, in the Tafseer of Surah al-Ikhlaas he made some comments that presupposed his belief in unity of existence (pantheism, or in other words, that Allaah and his creation become one) and it is one of the worst of speeches; only that as we said before, he could turn it around and say what he meant is (wahda ash-shuhood as-Sawiyy) all that exists besides Allaah become insignificant in the presence of the one who has attained the height of realising the greatness of Allaah. There is in his comments what indicated that he did not mean unity of existence (pantheism) though.

He said in the Tafseer of Surah al-Ikhlaas:

"It is the singularity of existence and there is no reality aside his reality and there is no true existence aside his existence"

Then, he said:

"Every other thing existing derives its existence from that true existence."

Because of this expression, what is obvious is that he did not intend to insinuate the unity of existence (pantheism) as the extremist Sufis do say - that all that exists is Allaah, because he established that there are other things that exist other than Allaah; and, other things that exist only derive their existence from that true existence.

This is in the way of Sufi mysticism on the way all things that exist lose their significance before someone who has realised the essence of Allaah. It is also from the statement of deviation.

[His Khaarijee Tendency

This man did as well try in declaring the Muslims as kuffaar - making the takfeer of societies and rulers. He was from those who spread most of the thoughts of the khawaarij in making the takfeer of societies and rulers altogether.

He said in his book, In the Shade of the Qur'an, volume 4 page 2222:

"There is no Muslim state on the surface of the earth today."

This is how they declard (the Muslim) rulers as infidels!!! No state is safe from the Muslim Brotherhood except if the ruler is from their members - if the ruler of the state is from the Muslim Brotherhood the state becomes an Islamic state even if the system of government is the same. The democracy is still the democracy, and the constitution is still the same as before - but if the leader of the country is from the members of Muslim Brotherhood the country becomes an Islamic country! 

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