Sayyid Qutub's Deviations and Its Insignias on The Muslim Brotherhood - Final Part

Saturday 19-Jan-2019, 4:10PM / 1179

Being the final part of a long explanation from one of the erudite scholars of Da'wah Salafiyyah, Ash-Shaykh Muhammad b. Hizaam (may Allaah preserve him), on the deviations and misguidance of Sayyid Qutub. 
Translated by Kamal Ololade (@kamalalmufti)

He said: and here appears tribal sentiment as also appears the rage of clannishness.

Saying this kind of statement in a disparaging way is considered Kufr!!! We ask Allaah for refuge. 

Allaah the Most High indeed mentioned that Mūsā عليه السلام regretted the killing of the Coptic and he sought forgiveness from Allaah.

This is the same way he has some slander against the Companions. He has some slanders against 'Uthmaan, Mu'awiyyah and 'Amr Ibnu-l-'Aas (رضي الله عنهم).

He said in the book, Social Justice p.206:

And we incline towards considering the Khilaafah (reign) of 'Aliy- may Allaah be pleased with him- as a natural extension of the Khilaafah of the two leaders - Abubakr and Umar - before him, and that the period of reign of Uthman was just a limbo in between them!!!

In the same book, he said about the revolution that was carried out against Uthmaan, "Verily, it was a revolution from the spirit of Islam."

Based on the foregoing, this fellow was affected by the Raafidiy (Shi'i ideology).

He has a lot of slanders against Mu'awiyyah, may Allaah be pleased with him, and 'Amr Ibn al-'Aas, describing them with lies, deceit, perfidy and hypocrisy!!!

And we have said in what preceded that he used to do takfeer of leaders with the claim that they do not rule by what is revealed by Allaah, then he has some statements on social justice in advocating the adoption of Islamic Shari'ah to achieve a sound Islamic way of living.

He said in his book , Social Justice:

"When we finish with the means of moulding and controling thoughts then we have ahead of us the means of legal enactment to realise a sound Islamic life that will ensure social justice for all.

'Aliy 'Ashmawiy who was one of the companions of Sayyid Qutb mentioned that he visited Sayyid Qutb and he said: Then,  it was time for Jumu'ah and I said to him: "let's stand up to go and pray."

He added:

"And it was a shock for me to realise for the first time that he did not use to observe Jumu'ah, and he (Sayyid Qutb) retorted that he is of the opinion that Jumu'ah is no longer to be observed when their is no Islamic caliphate and there is no Jumu'ah except when there is Khilaafah."

And that is as if Khilaafah can never be in their own opinion except through an Ikhwaanee (a member of the Muslim Brotherhood) from among them.

'Aliy 'Ashmawiy said:

One of the brothers came to me and said he is going to refuse eating whatever is slaughtered by Muslims of today. Then I went to Sayyid Qutb and asked him about that and he said:

"Let them continue to eat it and consider it as something slaughtered by People of the Scripture; at worst, Muslims today are People of the Scripture!!!

We ask Allaah for safety, going by the Fatwah of Sayyid Qutb they (Muslims) have become kuffaar.

These people are on a serious misguidance, we ask Allaah for safety.

May You be glorified our Lord and to You belong praise. I bear witness there is no deity worthy of worship but You. I seek forgiveness from You, and I turn in repentance to you. 

And praise be to Allaah
(The end)