Dr Faadil Nurudeen on Who Is Qualified to Refute

Friday 10-Jul-2020, 1:22PM / 656

The Technical Meaning of 'Student of Knowledge' with the Scholars

Do you know what the scholars mean by their statement 'student of knowledge'?

Yes, what they mean by it is a scholar not those who just began learning who perhaps may not know how to recite the Qur'aan properly let alone (know) other branches of knowledge 

Pay attention regarding the term; some learners who could be said not to have attained a middle school level will get deceived by themselves and began to write refutations against this and backbite that. Those before them who were like them got destroyed, became miserable and knowledge eluded them. Where are they now?

It is the prerogative of scholars to refute one another; it is not the business of a pretending learner to refute a scholar. 

Yes refutation is like a medication. None can prescribe the right drug (for an ailment) except an expert (in the field).

Do not get destroyed in this raging tribulation, I advise you all, may Allaah make us attain success.

A statement by Ash-Shaykh ad-Duktur Faadil Nurudeen al-Imaam, may Allaah preserve him on goodness.

10 July, 2020.

Translated by Aboo Aamir, Ishaaq bn AbdirRaheem. 

مصطلح طالب العلم عند العلماء

 أتدري ماذا يريد العلماء بقولهم: طالب العلم؟
نعم، يريدون به العالم، وليس مرادهم به المبتدئين الذين ربما بعضهم لا يحسن قراءة القرآن مجودا فضلا عن غيره من العلوم 

انتبهوا من هذا المصطلح؛ فقد ظن طلاب ممن لا يساووا مستوى المرحلة المتوسطة واغتروا بأنفسهم ؛ فنصبوا أنفسهم للرد على هذا، واغتياب ذاك، فالذين بالأمس من أمثالهم هلكوا وخابوا وفاتهم العلم ؛ فأين هم الآن؟

العلماء هم الذين يرد بعضهم على بعض، وليس المتعالم ممن يرد على العالم

نعم، الرد كعلاج، ولا يحسن وضع العلاج في موضعه إلا الخبير

 لا تهلكوا بهذه الفتنة؛ فإني أنصحكم، وفقنا الله جميعا.

الشيخ د فاضل بن نور الدين الإمام