Shaykh Fauzaan on Those Forcing People to Take Their View on Declaring Certain Duaat and Ulamaa As Deviants

Wednesday 20-Jan-2021, 6:02AM / 1002

Shaykh Fauzaan - hafidhahullaah - was asked: 'What is the ruling on those who mandate the people to accept their declaration of certain callers to Islam as mubtadioon such that they take friendship and enemity over it? 

The Shaykh - may Allaah preserve him for the Ummah - answered: 

'Do not take that, don't follow them on that, I free myself from such, Allaah's safety from that, I will not join in such, I don't know anything about it.'

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Transcription by Aboo Aamir Ishaaq Abdurraheem Al-Atharee