It Is From the Partisanship of Ikhwaan to Hold to Just Some Scholars

Tuesday 26-Jan-2021, 9:39AM / 580

The author, Ash-Shaykh Abdullah bn Muhammad Husayn Sagheer an-Najmee (hafidhahullaah), wrote:

 (From the evils of Ikhwaanul Muslimoon) is their partisanship to the heads of Ikhwaanul Muslimoon such as Hasan Al-Banna, Sayyid Qutb and Umar at-Tilmisaanee, despite the fact that these people fell into matters that impugned Tawheed, make Shir'k simple (in their faces) and enliven heresies. If you mention some of the observations against the heads of the Ikhwaan to them (the followers), they will reject them with weak proofs. By Allaah, the mention by Ikhwaan of Hasan Al-Banna is more than how they mention the Senior Companions (of the Messenger of Allaah), and more than they mention the foremost Imaams such as Ahmad bn Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyyah, and more than they mention the scholars that came to rectify the society in the centuries not far from the time of Hasan Al-Banna such as Muhammad bn Abdilwahaab - rahimahullaah.

By Allaah, there are from Ikhwaan those who desire that the words of Hasan Al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb as well as their write-ups be memorized more than the Qur'aan and the Authentic Sunnah, in fact, whoever memorizes such articles will be praised and his station will rise with them, and he will be seen as having a good ideology and wide intellect.

There is no power or might except by Allaah.' End of qoute.

Source: Rasaailu-Manhajiyyah, p. 181, of Ash-Shaykh Abdullaah bn Muhammad Husayn Sagheer an-Najmee with foreward by al-Allaamah Ahmad bn Yahya an-Najmee - rahimahullaah.