What is Haunting The Muslim Congress?

Saturday 10-Nov-2018, 5:22PM / 1202


The Muslim Congress [TMC], a Muslim organization with a serious Ikhwaanee leaning, is the latest Muslim entity, after years of pretentious hide-and-seek, in hue against Salafiyyah. It just dawned on it that this Salafiyyah, after all, can be daunting. Why has not Salafiyyah died all this while? After all, its adherents are ‘riffraff, ill-mannered and vagabonds’? Against their thoughts, Salafiyyah is rather proving to be stubborn and unassailable.

So the arrowheads of TMC are in a thoughtful mood! What is the next action now? ‘Let us sue for peace!’ Then came tactical order for a tactical withdrawal of foot soldiers like those misguided youths on the social media from the battlefront. And their Public Relations department began the ‘Sunnis Vs Salafis’ dialectism. We can cooperate, we are all Muslims. We don’t need to fight one another. Why are we even fighting? We should rather face our common enemy – USA and Israel. Ok. We will stop fingering Saudi Arabia as an accomplice, we know you Salafis can die because of Saudi [it seems you even love it more than you love Nabee Muhammad].

TMC is therefore confused the more.

But to rather tell them the truth, the agitations of the Salafis are beyond the mundane reasons they have thought them to be. The Salafis – all over the world – call to a pure return to Islam, enthroning the ethos of the Qur’aan and Sunnah unconditionally. The Salafis want to return the Muslims to the era of the Best Epochs – the Three Generations of the Sahabah, the Taabioon and the Atbaau-Taabieen. Of course, making efforts at seeing that Islam rule the world again in the best way, without compromising same Islam on the altar of modernism, democracy and westernization. The Salafis therefore hold the scholars of the Sunnah very dearly to their hearts. They see them as the inheritors of the Best of Mankind whose legacy has solely been the Islamic Knowledge – as it cuts across many sciences today: Quran [its Tafseer, Manners of Recitation, Naasikh Wa Mansukh, etc], the Hadeeth [re-evaluating the Books of Sunnah like the Six Collections, the Masaaneed, al-Ajzaa, Musanaffaat, etc], the Arabic Language [being a major tool in grasping the Qur’aan and the Sunnah] and many other aspects of the Islamic knowledge. This is what the Salafees want to get busy with in order to ensure a correct understanding of Tawheed, Aqeedah and the Manhaj [as they interrelate].

Anything that will prove an obstacle to that will have to be removed albeit with hikmah, patience and knowledge. That is where the issue of blind partisanship to individuals and organizations come in, and the attendant disavowal of the Salafis towards them. All forms of heresies be they Khaarijiyyah [such as Ikhwaaniyyah [where TMC and similar organizations are rooted, Jabtawiyyah (of that man in Ilorin misleading the youths], Da’eshiyyah (of the faceless al-Baghdadi of Mosul), Al-Qaa’idiyyah (of late Osama bn laden as inherited by Ayman Zawahiri and many of the various factions like the al-Qaaidah in the Islamic Maghrib, al-Shabaab in Somalia), Yusufiyyah (of the infamous Boko Haram of Nigeria that has killed more Muslims in their misguided Jihaad) Soofiyyah (like Tijaaniyah, Qadriyyah, Shaathiliyyah, Nashqabandiyyah (of the Tableeghis), Da’wah Academy (of ‘Sheikh’ Abayomi, Alhamdulillah that one has died the day its founder died), Hizbiyyah (of TMC [once again], MSSN (which is grasping for air), Ta’awun (of O Palestime People of Iwo that has become bride of politicians and which is battling a serious intra-fighting), Tadaamun (another Ikhwaanee offshoot in Ibadan that boasts of doctors of Shariah but who subsume their Shariah into what their group says), Shi’iyyah (such as Zakzakiyyah of Zaria and their apologists in Olukade’s ‘Ummah’)].

You can see that Salafiyyah has bitten more than it can chew.

But walillaahil izzatu…

So why is TMC afraid? Ask the MSSN, which you partially destroyed before you left it in pains, it tried to stop Salafiyyah and it got engulfed in flames. It is still burning. If you see them today you will pity them, in fact, you will say they have surpassed your own levity. MSSN is just holding to anything that can sustain it, just anything.

So TMC, stop giving yourselves unnecessary nightmares, Salafiyyah cannot be stopped because it is quintessentially Islam. It is not a formation like yours such that you ask where its headquarters is. The headquarters is not Makkah or Madeenah rather the Qur’aan and the Sunnah with no lips service. Salafis will not take any teaching of Islam with a levity hand. A Saheeh Hadeeth is their madh’hab. Just give them any Saheeh Hadeeth, there they go, after they understand its purport, action! No ‘let us report it to our Ogas at the top’ before we know what to do. No, they don’t do that. They will rather hold stubbornly to it even at the point of death. We know that pains you as it pains the Kuffaar. You know that you don’t like them say, this hadeeth, that hadeeth. To you, Islam needs some beautification. Sisters need not wear black abayas, black colour can be odious. How will a Janet and Jane accept Islam from a black cladding lady? Yet she wants to put on the Niqaab! She is not reasonable, that is not what the Ummah needs now. Niqaab bawo! Brothers and sisters should rather ‘tush up’. C’mon, this is 21st Century for Allaah’s sake! Why must you say a brother must wear the beard? We need people in the army and police, an insider need to kill our own ‘Anwar Sadat.’ Okay, if at all you say you like the beard, keep it ‘clean.’ Can’t you see the celebrity beard gangsters how they keep theirs ‘clean’? Yet some of you will say, trousers should be above the ankles. Abegi! Stop all that. Dress corporately, biko. When we attain the Islamic State (as we once did in Egypt) you can do all that Sunnah. But for now, just keep those Sunnah somewhere…

So TMC sues for peace. No peace if your call remains as it is. Without doubt, you are one of the many foes of Islam, in fact, one of the most portent. Those you are courting as your think-tank are the major sources of woes for the Muslim World today. You will agree less if we tell you the havoc Sayyid Qutb, Hasan al-Banna, al-Qaradawee, Fat’h Yakan, al-Maududi, etc, have caused in the world of the Muslims.

At this point, we can feel how perturbed you will be because we have touched your anointed. In fact, you will want to cancel the peace efforts right away. Boys, go back to the battlefront. Don’t come home yet. These Salafis are very uncourteous. How dare they talk against our anointed? They want to take us for granted. Is it because we told you, don’t abuse their scholars lest they abuse us? They have crossed the Rubicon, oya go back to war.

TMC, we know you were being hypocritical before. Do you think we would take you seriously? By Allaah, we are not fools. We had been fools when we were in partisanship but Allaah has saved us from that. So, go ahead, Allaah suffices us.

Just have it your mind that there is no rest for the rebellious ones - those who rebel against the Qur'aan and the Sunnah according to the understanding of the Best Generations.