A Hundred Lines for the Stars That Shine On (Poem)

Monday 11-Mar-2019, 2:17AM / 446

Imaam Aboo Haneefah died,
But his ink still moist,
So also the book of his creed;
Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar,
As it was said.

Imaam Maalik is under the soil of Madeenah,
His Muwatta' still an ornament,
In the library of every century.

Al Imaam Ash-Shaafi'ee;
The father of al-Usool,
Is no more,
But his Umm still the Umm of every science,
His believed Deewan,
Remains a masterpiece of diction and manners.

Aboo AbdiLlaahi Ash-Shaybaanee name still reigns,
Via his celebrated Musnad,
He won the Imaam,
For his steadfastness on his Mihnah.

Imaam Bukhaaree and his mother,
Would have passed with air of their century,
But for his Saheeh and Taarikh,
The Ummah would have been in debt,
If not for The Baree,
That bestowed us Al-Fat'h of son of Hajar.

Aboo Husayn An Nisaabooree,
Al-Imaam Muslim bn Hajjaaj,
His Saheeh still shines,
For his full and corroborating reports.

Aboo Daawood As-Sijistaanee,
His Sunan stands out for the fiqh,
Al-Imaam at-Tirmidhee
The father of 'Ilal,
His Jaami' still stands out,
For his gradation, ash-Shamail and "fil baab"

Ibn Abdil Barr An Namree,
The great scholar from Espania of old,
Paid the debt of al-Muwatta,
With at-Tamheed and Istidhk?r.

Ibn Hazm al Andaloosee,
The great scholar with peppery pen,
Aboo Daawood Adh-Dhaahiree would have gone with time,
But, for his revival of the Madhdhab,
With al-Muhalla.

Al Qurtubee al-Mufassir,
Aboo AbdiLlaahi al-Malikee,
Distinct with his Asnaa,
Stands out with Al-Jaami';
The first exegesis with "fihi mas'lataan".

Al-Mizzi, the sea,
The scholar of al-Jarh,
Teacher of scholars,
Made the history with his atr?f.

Al Imaam Aboo Zakariyya,
An Nawawee Ad-Dimashqee,
One of the comrades of Ash-Shaafiee,
Gave the students a splendid Rawdah,
The scholars a Sharh al-Muadhdhab,
And the masses a Riyaadus Saaliheen.

Ibn Taymiyyah,
The star from Damascus,
Shone to the world,
Via his compendium; al-Majmoo'

Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah,
Aboo HibbatiLlaah of the Hanaabilah,
The stern student of Ibn Taymiyyah,
His al-'Ilaam still afresh in the library.

Ibn Katheer the owner of Tafseer;
The summary of at-Tabari,
Blazed the trail with al-Bid?yah,
Won the race with at-Takmeel.

Ibn Hajar Al Asqalaanee,
Paid our debt on Saheeh al-Bukhaaree
With his Fat'h,
Connected the broken chain with at-Ta'leeq,
No womb has ever carried his similitude.

Al Imaam ash-Shawkaanee,
Who abandoned his 'hijrah',
Because of (Ibn Hajar) 'al-Fat'h,
His 'Nayl' blazes the trail,
Like his As-Sayl.

Al Albaanee Aboo Abdir-Rahm?n,
The Muhaddith of the century,
Broke the backs of innovations,
With his "silsilatayn and as-sif?t".

Muhammad al Uthaymeen the Faqeeh
Took after As-Sa'dee the Imaam
Memorized as many as mutoon,
Till he inked many shurooh for the Ummah. 

Their stars had set,
But their inks still wet,
Nothing like ink and sheet,
So, Allaah swears with it.

Nothing like ink and sheet,
By making scholars immortals,
Nothing is so dear to students,
Save 'the gun and the chain'.

Inking overflows prayers,
On every scholar,
Counted as Sadaqatul Jaariyah,
As mentioned by As-Suyoote,
Reported by Ameer As-Sanaaanee,
In his Sharh to Buloogh al-Maraam.
What a blessed flowing kindness,
But, only to the learners.

1-7-1440A.H (Fri, March 8 2019)