For A Hundred and Forty Souls (Poem)

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Age is grace,
Given to man,
To fulfill his fate and faith,
Some scholars said:
Can never be decreased,
As unanimously agreed,
But, based on the narration of Umm Habeebah,
Reported in al Musnad and bn Hajjaaj,
Some scholars said;
It remains still,
Even with fervent prayers,
So said ibn Abdil 'Izz of Hanafiyyah,
In Sharh of the creed of at-Tahaawiyyah,
An-Nawawee in al Minhaaj,
One of the scholars of ash-Shaafi'yyah explained,
The balanced is;
The one with Allaah doesn't change,
As His knowledge encompasses every dime issue,
But, in the book of Angel, it can,
As it was collected by At-Tirmidhee in his sunan,
The narration of Nabiyy Aadam and Sulaym?n,
Reported by Aboo Hurayrah.

Excellence of long life.

The best believer,
Is the one with lengthy life,
So said As Saadiqul Masdooq,
The long the life,
The more the qiy?m and siy?m,
Nothing harms requesting for it,
As done by the Prophet to Anas,
Based on the request of Umm Sulaym,
As reported by al Bukhaaree in al Adab,
Likewise Muslim bn Hajjaaj.


It is the belief of the people of sunnah,
Nobody dies except at the appointed time,
Even the slained died exactly his time,
Afar from the stinking opinion of Mu'tazillah,
And the dirty belief of Yoruba;
'Ojo olojo'.
Nobody dies, except his time came,
Whoever doesn't die of sword,
Will surely die of something else, 
Death is akin,
Only means may differ.

About the Book

The scholars,
Who died between fifteen and forty,
As compiled by 'Aliyy bn Muhammad,
Summarily compiled,
A hundred and forty seven souls
Began on Mu'adh bn Jabal,
The scholar of Har?m and Hal?l.
End on the noble Muhaddith,
Ahmad Ad Duwaysh.

His Conditions for Compiling the Book

As the name entails,
Do not expect their details,
But the brief
Just like my 'the companions profile'.

Extracted from the book of at-Taraajum,
In it are scholars of Sunnah,
And those outside the Manhaj,
Stepping on the foot of adh-Dhabee in As siy?r,
As he mentioned ibn Abee Du'?d,
And Hajjaaj bn Yoosuf,
His list was never limited to Nubulaa,
As said by Shaykh Raslaan,
In his ad-Da'aaim.

The Scholars who wrote on the Topic before him

The record breaker on this path;
Ibn 'Aqeel al Hanbalee,
The owner of the voluminous 'funoon'.

Then ibn 'Asaakir ad-Dimashqee,
Titled his own; Manaaqib ash-Shabbaab,
In fifteen volumes, 
To Ash-Shakhaawee;
It is Ash-Shabaab in a volume,
Never mind the difference,
But the record.

Al Imaam Ibn Jawziyy,
Abul Faraj also compiled,
Al A'amaar al A'ayaan,
May Allaah bless all the scholars.

5-7-1440A.H (Tue, March 12 2019)

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