Muhammad bn Hanafiyyah's Description of How His Father, Alee bn Abee Taalib, Was Murdered

Sunday 27-Oct-2019, 3:46AM / 554

Translation: Aboo Aamir Ishaaq bn AbdirRaheem 

He said: 'By Allâh, I was observing prayer that night wherein Alee (may Allâh be pleased with him) was killed; that was in the Great Mosque. It was by several men from Egypt; they were praying close to the door jamb  it was all rising, bowing and prostration, they did not cease from the beginning of the night till the last part of the night. When Alee (may Allâh be pleased with him) came out for the Morning Prayer he was saying: 'O people, time for Prayer, time for Prayer.' I could not recall whether he had left the door jamb before he began to make the statement or not. Then I saw a sparkling and heard: 'Judgement to Allâh, O Alee; not to you nor your associates!' Then I saw a sword then another then I heard Alee saying: 'Hold the man.' Then men blocked all the exits. Ibn Al-Hanafiyyah said: 'It was not long after that when Ibn Muljam was apprehended and was brought to Alee's presence. I was among those who entered where he was taken to Alee. I heard Alee say: 'Soul for soul; if I die kill him as he killed me but if I live I shall give my opinion about him.''

It was mentioned that some people entered upon Al-Hasan (may Allâh be pleased with him) in a panic when what happened to Alee (may Allâh be pleased with him) occurred, they were with him while Ibn Muljam was tied up, then Ummu Kulthum, the daughter of Alee, called out to him while she was crying: 'O enemy of Allâh, there is no problem for my father, Allâh will disgrace you.' He said: 'Upon whom are you crying, by Allâh I bought the sword with a thousand (dir'ham) and poisoned it with a thousand. If this strike had been against all the people of city, none of them would remain alive.'