Islam in Africa: Author's Preface and the First Part of the Book

Saturday 27-Mar-2021, 1:33PM / 214

By Al-Imaam Muhammad Amaan Al-Jaamee - rahimahullaah. 

Translation by Aboo Aamaal Misbaah Olagunju 


What I intended by this Title is that I executed a brief tour during which I passed through some regions of the continent, these regions interest us in the domain of Islamic propagation, so as to get acquainted with their past and be able to relate it with their present in the aspect previously mentioned. And to know the various roles that have been played on the activities of Islam in the continent. By making inferences from the reality of Islamic propagation in the continent, starting from the era of An-Najaashi till the present time (in a very concise fashion). 

I say this, seeking the help of Allaah alone. 


The continent of Africa was the first to be blessed and illuminated by the light of Islam after the Arabian Peninsula when Islam leaped off beginning from the noble city of Makkah, the first delegation was on the peninsula then it got liberated in a part of Africa, “Al-Habashah”, known today as Ethiopia, specifically Eritrea, Islam became liberated in this part of Africa before entering upon other places later, even the Illuminated City of Madinah the Home of Immigration.

This occurred when the harm of the Kufaar became intense on the Merciful Messenger - Sallallaahu alahyi wa sallam - and his Companions and they could not worship their Lord freely, then the Prophet —Allah raise his rank and grant him peace — permitted his Companions to migrate to Al-Habashah after he had been pacified that there was a king in that land who was not unfair to anyone in his territory, and he was An-Najaashi — Allah have mercy on him—. And on that day he was upon Nasraaniyyah (Christianity).

So the delegates of Islam bid farewell to Makkah after its streets had become constricted for them, as well as its mountains, even the entirety of the length and breadth of the Arabian peninsula, and descended upon the land of An-Najaashi and met the man exactly as the Prophet —Allah raise his rank and grant him peace— had described him, they met him a man who had delight in the invincibility of intellect, cementation in command, and pleasant neighbourhood, a man not moved by invaluable presents and sweet speeches even if his interlocutor was the most shrewd of Arab men known for wordsmithing, pleasant recitation and enchanting eloquence, a man in the calibre of Amr bin Al-Aas.

To be continued Inshaa Allaah.