Islam in Africa: The Sufi Influence (V)

Wednesday 03-Nov-2021, 1:32AM / 280

Translation Work by Misbaah Olagunju on Shaykh Al-Jaami's Work 

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The Aim of The Sufi Callers (V)

And what is greater than this in deception? It is as if just Al-Ghawth is not encompassing enough in the usage of the group (the Suufiyyah) and that there is nothing excessive or overboard in their lingual.

To proceed: is it then permissible —with the situation being as described— to consider the Suufi masters to be among the propagators of Islam? As you have appropriated for some of them the regard of being among the scholars and among the Muslim envoys to the neighbours, as some of those who have been beguiled by them do? Indeed this regard and representation has disfigured the beauty of Islam in the face of non Muslims, they have judged it (Islam) based on it’s liberalism since they (the Suufiyyah) have portrayed Islam with an outlook of idolatry rituals and festivities and exploitation, and through that they consolidate the enemies of Islam to obtain from Islam whatever they feel like obtaining. 

(Therefore) because of all these, I do not permit for myself nor for anyone who hears my admonition, the statement that they (the suufi masters) are from the propagators of Islam, rather what is obligatory is to say: to make clear the reality and uncover the truth, they only called the people to the worship of their Mashayikh (grand masters) and Aqtaab and turned the people away from the correct understanding of Islam. And someone amongst them might say they  brought many people into Islam from idolatry!