Islam in Africa: The Sufi Influence (VI)

Sunday 21-Nov-2021, 3:53PM / 432

Translation Work by Misbaah Olagunju on Shaykh Al-Jaami's Work 

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The Aim of The Sufi Callers (VI)

The response to this is that: the reality is that they removed them from the flagrant (obvious) idolatry and entered them into a disguised idolatry after they had named it with the name of Islam so it could be accepted and appreciated.

As for the Islam with the correct conception of it, then they have been confined from that as an honour such that they are not able to enter someone else into it, and from where will they have come about that when the one who lacks a thing is not able to give it.

And there’s no doubt that this chaos came about as a result of the dereliction of the (true) callers of Islam towards their obligation, and their inadequacies in discharging the duty of propagating Islam as it was obligated. This is why they will bear all the consequences because regardless of their understanding and capability, they left the domain to others until they emptied the space for the suufi masters and those who follow them without goodness.

خلا لك الجو فبيض واصفرى   ##   ونقرى ما شئت أن تنقرى
The spaced emptied for you white and clear 
So you drummed whatever you felt like drumming

And I’m afraid someone might say —even if within himself—: All what you have mentioned from the attributes of the group and their conditions which they considered dawah. Do you have any evidence to substantiate your claim? 

Fearing to respond to this kind of person in the footnote, listen along to two stanzas of poem by some of their Aqtaab (Suufi supreme masters), one of them is Ibn Al-Faaridh where he claimed that he became blended with Allah such that if he observe Salah, indeed he is observing the Salah to himself and his prostrations are to himself as well as his bowings, and that was when he said: 

لها صلواتى بالمقام أقيمها   ##   واشهد فيها أنها لي صلت
For Him are my Solaawaat which I observe in sanctuary
And I testify about them that they were indeed observed to me