Bishr Al-Marîsî [died 218 Hijrah]: A Viscous Villain

Tuesday 15-Nov-2022, 3:24PM / 1076

Adapted from Al-Bidaayah wa-Nihaayah of Ibn Katheer. Translated by Aboo Aamir

Bishr Al-Marîsî; he was Bishr bn Ghiyâth bn Abî Karîmah Abu AbdirRahmân Al-Marîsî Al-Mutakallim (a scholastic theologian), a leading figure among the Mu'tazilites and one of those who misled Al-Ma'mûn - the Khalifah of the time.

Al-Qâdi Ibn Khalkân said: He dragged the issue of saying the Qur'ân was created; a lot of horrendous statements could be traced to him. He was also a Mur'jite; he was the person Al-Marîssiyyah as a sub-sect of Mur'jiah is ascribed. He used to say: 'Prostrating to the sun and moon is not unbelief; it is only an indicator of unbelief.' He used to engage Imâm Shâfi'î in discussions. He was not good at Arabic Grammar; he used to make some costly mistakes (in his grammatical expressions).