Ibn Raahwayh

Friday 15-Dec-2023, 4:40PM / 147

One of the teachers of Al-Imaam Al-Bukhari, Muslim, etc.

A report said Al-Imaam Al-Bukhari actually got the inspiration of writing His Saheeh from him.

But do you know he had no father by that name, Raahawayh (or Raahuwayh or Raahwayh)?

His actual name is Is'haaq b. Ibrahim b. Makhlad b. Ibrahim...

No Raahawayh at all.

It was the people of Mar'w (Merve) in Khurasaan that gave his father that nickname because he was born on the road to Makkah. In Mar'wi parlance, anyone so born is 'Rahaawayh'


Al-Imaam Is'haaq narrated that himself, in the report of Ahmad bn Salamah (that popular friend of Al-Imaam Muslim, that left the circle of Muhammad b. Yahya Adh-Dhuhlee, with him).

He, Ibn Raahuwayh, said his father, Ibrahim, hated the nickname, but he (Ishaq) so much loved it.

May Allaah bestow his mercies on him.

He was born in year 161AH and died 238AH. A contemporary of Al-Imaam Ahmad, Al-Imaam Yahya bn Maeen and others.

He learnt from the likes of Fudayl bn Iyaad, Mutamir bn Sulayman, Sufyaan bn Uyaynah and others. 

He was the one holding the fort for Sunnah in Khurasaan while al-Imaam Ahmad was doing so in Baghdaad.