Q&A: Can My Wife Feed Her Parents from Items I Bought for the House?

Monday 18-Feb-2019, 12:58AM / 721

Translation: Abuu Ubayy Sharif Hamzah

Questioner: Is it permissible for my wife to feed her parents from the food items - raw or cooked - I bought for the house without my permission?

Answer: Firstly, the law of Allaah permits a woman to give out from the   foodstuffs her husband bought to the one who is hungry and suffering with the knowledge of her husband and she can also do so without the permission of her husband on the condition that she knows the husband won't be angry if he later knows. 

But if she knows her husband will be angry, she must not do so without his permission. 

Thereafter, If your family is not (financially) buoyant such that your husband would toil before he could get 2 kongos of rice, then you divide it into two, take a half to your parents telling your husband later that the rice he bought for the house is finished, and you did not tell him what you did with the other half, such a wife may lose her matrimonial home as a result of that. 

If your know your husband will be angry with it and he toiled before he could buy the food items, then it's better to tell him. 

Answered by Dr Sharaf Gbadebo Raajee, may Allaah preserve him. 

(Source; Q&A segment of Al-Amaanah ; 13-2-2019).