The Lady Muhaddith, Kareemah al-Mar'waziyyah

Tuesday 06-Feb-2024, 11:44PM / 39

By Aboo Aamir 

From among the nusakh (versions) of Saheeh Al-Bukhari used by al-Haafidh in Fat'hul Baaree was that of Muhammad bn Yoosuf al-Firabree which was reported by Muhammad bn Makiyy al-Kushmee'hanee and which was reported by a lady muhaddith, Ummul Kiraam, Kareemah bint Ahmad al-Mar'waziyyah.

Al-Haafidh al-Iraaqee, Abul Fadl Abdurraheem bn Al-Husayn, was the link between al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar and Lady Kareemah.

She was really a kareemah - an honourable woman.

She went in search of knowledge of hadeeth with her father from her tender age.

She died 463AH at around a hundred years.

She was never married!