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إن الحمد لله نحمده ونستعينه ونستغفره ونعوذ بالله من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئات أعمالنا من يهده الله فلا مضل له ومن يضلل فلا هادي له وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له وأشهد أن محمدا عبده ورسوله أما بعد
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Exposing the Glitters on The Merits of Polygamy Tuesday 13-Nov-2018776
Meritorious Times for Worship, Severe Times for Sins Too Tuesday 13-Nov-2018582
The Sudden Enmity Is Due to Our Sins Tuesday 13-Nov-2018610
Nabiyyul Laah Eesaa; an Epitome of Trust in Allaah Monday 12-Nov-2018620
Success Is Not by Number Monday 12-Nov-2018616
Of the Excellence of the Yemenis Monday 12-Nov-2018653
Riches and Poverty Monday 12-Nov-2018608
Blessed Are the Condolers Monday 12-Nov-2018577
Jibril ('alahis Salaam) Admonishes... Monday 12-Nov-2018620
Be of Those Who Remember Allaah a Lot Monday 12-Nov-2018605
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